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Dissident Island Radio

Sep 12, 2019

Episode 238 saw Dissident Island pay tribute to the hive of radical activity that is Peace House in the run-up to the building’s 60th anniversary. To mark the occasion we had:

– Catherine from Housman’s Bookshop telling us some of the history of Peace House and discussing why it’s such a vital space for organising (00:01:13 – 00:10:09)

ACAB Andy giving us the lowdown on developments with Green & Black Cross’ restructuring, a report from protests against the DSEI arms fair, and a tribute to departed comrade Donald Rooum (00:11:20 – 00:25:03)

– Author and ex-soldier Joe Glenton from Forces Watch discussing the group’s work countering militarisation and the ethics of the military (00:28:22 – 00:40:29)

– Dissident Island’s contribution to September’s edition of BAD NEWS, the audio bulletin of the network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radio stations from around the world featuring a briefing on rad shit that’s happened around the UK in the past months (00:43:10 – 00:52:13)

– Jay from No Sweat in to talk to us about the group’s campaign against sweatshop labour in the garment industry and their efforts to support workers building a better future by taking control of their workplaces (00:54:04 – 01:13:08)

– Announcements for upcoming opportunities to hit the streets, shake your booty and share solidarity ((01:13:09 – 01:17:45)

– Speedcore/breakcore tunes from the twisted mind of Monad to finish us off (01:17:46 – 02:52:51)

Plus tunes from the Punk Ethics / Punks Against Sweatshops playlist featuring Crass, Oi-Polloi, Petrol Girls and The Restarts



Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: