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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island 17 Dec 2010

Dec 21, 2010

- Michael Albert on Participatory Economics

– Wayne from Green & Black Cross on mutual aid for the anti-cuts movement

– An update from the end of the controversial Ratcliffe trial

– Our Hot Topic: Benefit cuts

– A brief discussion on Wikileaks with GDM

– Indy journo hacks come in to talk about the latest in...

Dec 4, 2010

- Sali from anti-airport group ZAD talks to us about resisting airport expansion in Nantes

– Words about Buy Nothing Day in London

– The Santa Belles come in to talk to us about their anti-christmas carol thingy

– An analysis of Reclaim the Night with noises from November’s big night out

– Our HOT TOPIC: Snow,...