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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 15, 2013

On the show:

Two of our erudite and well-informed cyclist comrades, Chris and GDM, join us in a conversation discussing safe and ecologically sustainable transport in a capitalist driven metropolis. The show’s theme is informed by the numerous cycle-related deaths in London in November 2013 including:

* HGVs (Heavy...

Dissident Island Radio 15 November 2013 Episode 130

Nov 16, 2013

On this episode of Dissident Island we bring the following:

- DIY Space for London in in the studio discussing their ongoing efforts to establish an autonomous gig and event space in London, all going well, in early 2014

- Anarchist Solidarity Fund talking to us live about the ongoing situation in Greece and their...

Nov 1, 2013

So we got a mixed bag of trick-or-treats to share with you this evening including cats from 195 Mare Street – (@195marestreet / bringing back social centers in style! – and No Borders on most recent crack downs on migrants in Calais and the UK and what we can do about it. On the decks? A...

Oct 19, 2013

Tonight we have the great pleasure of hosting Lorenzo Kom’boa and JoNina Ervin in the studio. We’ll be talking on a range of subjects including race, class and political community organising, their histories and experiences, anarchism, the history of the US black power movement, and the current resurgence of US...

Oct 5, 2013


This show is dedicated to the magical cannabis plant which, apparently, can do more than get you high.

Henry and Len, two hemp enthusiasts, joined us in the studio to discuss:

* the history of hemp
* the many uses of hemp
* the logistics (and challenges) of growing hemp in the UK
* hemp production in...