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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 19, 2010

On this show we started off with an update on the first week of the’Climate 9′ trial in Aberdeen, we followed on with words from film makes Emily and James discussing their latest work, ‘Just Do It!’.

The WAG came into the studio to discuss their community organising against the EDL and islamofascists...

Dissident Island Radio - June 4th 2010

Jun 5, 2010

EPISODE 59 of Dissident Island Radio, broadcast live on June 4th 2010 featuring:

⢠an update from SmashEDO on the decommissioners trial starting on 7 June;
⢠a few folks active in the the London social centre scene, rampART and 195 Mare Street, about the ins and outs of organising autonomous spaces in the capital...