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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio 05 December 2008

Dec 18, 2008

On Tonight’s Show.
The Processi G8 activists talk to us a bit about the legal process in
Italy and their participation in the Genoa G8 trials (the Diaz trial just
came to a close), specifically with observations on police and state
repression in Italy, and the future of international mobilisation efforts.

The Space...

Dissident Island Zine Special 18 April 2008

Apr 22, 2008

This is our Zine Edition, focusing on several of London’s new and long-standing zines. We talked to Antonius from Voices of Resistance from Occupied London in to talk about the latest third installment. We also had an interviews with Nick, the guy behind Rupture, the creators of Shift Magazine and Edd, who talked...

Apr 10, 2008

On Dissident Island this fortnight we were joined by Kelly (and a friend) for a little chat and a few tunes for Dissident Island Discs, this was followed by interviews with Phil from no2id talking about their mayoral hustings, and Nes from I Bike MCR talking about the fantastic bike festival in Manchester. We also have...