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Dissident Island Radio

Mar 15, 2020

Episode 244 of Dissident Island brings you:

– Pinda and Frank discussing the complexities and dynamics of addressing issues of race between comrades (00:01:27 – 01:03:33)

– Diehard fans of London Anarchist Black Cross telling us about the latest incarnation of the group as well as offering a presentation on political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur (01:07:00 – 01:25:27)

ACAB Andy telling us about the recent wave of arrests for disrupting immigration officers and reminding us of the importance of having a solicitor present when talking with the police (01:27:18 – 01:39:13)

– Our contribution to the February/March edition of Bad News, presenting a bulletin of happenings from around the so-called United Kingdom (01:40:37 – 01:50:32)

– A shoutout (for posterity) for the 8th March Sex Work Strike featuring music from Immigranti (01:50:33 – 01:54:01)

Eckoz playing us out with some tasty techno all the way from Japan (01:54:02 – 03:11:22)

– Plus tunes from Marilyn Joy sprinkled throughout



Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: