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Dissident Island Radio

Oct 22, 2018

On Dissident Island Radio Episode 223:


It’s been one year since a TERF-led disruption became the catalyst for the disbandment of the annual London Anarchist Bookfair. We celebrate this year’s decentralised Anarchist Festival event and catch up with Sister Not Cister UK to find out what the Gender Recognition Act actually is, what “TERF” means, what TERFs do, and try to understand and address some of their deeply held fears and most insidious arguments. (part 1: 00:02:29 – 00:20:15 | part 2: 00:25:10 – 00:45:32 | part 3: 00:48:14 – 01:14:27)


Peppered throughout the show we play some songs by trans musicians on their experience of being trans.


We also hear announcements of events to check out (01:34:17 – 01:40:40), information on conditions imposed by the police on demonstrations plus updates on the freeing of the Frack Free Three and other news from ACAB Andy (01:19:35 – 01:33:57).


And the show ends with a much-anticipated dj set from Sam Amant (01:40:45 – 2:35:12).


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