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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 12, 2016

Dissident Island Radio episode 182 features heavyweight performances from:

– Sisters Uncut live in the studio with updates on their campaigns around access to domestic violence support services and upcoming actions (00:00:35 – 00:11:29)

– On the eve of the NUS national demo Rent Strike join us to review the campaign so far and look at what the year ahead has in store (00:14:38 – 00:26:04)

– Propagate collective discussing their ongoing series of pop-up workshops and striking visuals aimed at amplifying grassroots struggles (00:29:35 – 00:50:48)

– A healthy dose of announcements to keep you busy in the weeks ahead (00:56:31 – 01:00:23)

– Buster on the wheels of steel serving up tasty beats for all the family (01:00:22 – 01:59:38)

Plus tunes and background noise from a gig for an imprisoned Greek comrade