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Dissident Island Radio

Nov 17, 2012

This special edition of Dissident Island features two radical media collectives: London Indymedia and Shift Magazine.

As media outlets, both have been invaluable resources, contributing to the proliferation of information, communication, opinion and discussion within the UK radical political movements in which they are situated – and both have recently made public their decisions to close, stating a desire to move on to other political work. (Links: Indymedia London article / Shift Magazine article)

The show features Dissident Island in conversation with members of the London Indymedia collective and editors of Shift Magazine in hopes of identifying some of their reasons for wrapping up and moving on. We’ll reflect on the state of independent media production in the current information age and discuss the challenges of nurturing cultures of constructive criticism and discussion in radical movements.

Music-wise we’ve got some uplifting interludes and DJ Jahpawa ending the show with some fabulous dubstep!