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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 20, 2016

Contents of Dissident Island Radio’s 184th transmission include:

– Paolo Fiora from the London branch of the Stop Gang Stalking Awareness Group fills us in about the ongoing battle against covert surveillance (00:01:33 – 00:12:31)

– The LDMGs one and only Andy running through some of the candidates for the new met commissioner as well having a look back at the year that was 2016 (00:15:47 – 00:29:25)

– Concrete Action, a platform to provide support for architecture and planning professionals to leak information to benefit communities fighting for housing in London (00:29:25 – 00:48:17)

– Announcements for upcoming and ongoing activities (00:52:11 – 00:57:32)

–  Musician Guy Harries explains the launch of, a website focussed on the use of electronic sound in a live performance context (00:57:32 – 01:13:23)

– Our main man Stereopathy hitting the wheels of steel hard (01:13:47 – 02:13:31)