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Dissident Island Radio

Apr 4, 2016

Dissident Island Radio episode 172 bringing you audible action in the form of:

– Dissident-i-rant on The Donald the scary prospect that he might be the next US president (00:01:29 – 00:17:50)

The Occupied Times of London talking to us about experiences of producing independent media and their contribution within the space for radical discussion and debate (00:22:58 – 00:47:32)

– The LDMG‘s Andy with more sage legal advice, this time focussing on freedom of speech and the Public Order Act (00:48:05 – 01:02:21)

Clapton Ultras giving us the low down on the latest goings on at the politically active east London club (01:05:16 – 01:22:57)

– Announcements of all shapes and sizes for upcoming actions and gatherings in the UK and beyond (01:23:31 – 01:27:20)

– Another burst of Bong juice with all the latest cannabis news, spliff politics, and weed etiquette from around the globe ‪#‎GABOS‬ (01:27:30 – 1:33:42)

Killabomb with a fat bag of hardcore crossbreed tunes (01:33:57 – 02:33:25)