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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio - June 4th 2010

Jun 5, 2010

EPISODE 59 of Dissident Island Radio, broadcast live on June 4th 2010 featuring:

⢠an update from SmashEDO on the decommissioners trial starting on 7 June;
⢠a few folks active in the the London social centre scene, rampART and 195 Mare Street, about the ins and outs of organising autonomous spaces in the capital of capital;
⢠words from the brave cyclists nearing the end of the Merthyr to Mayo cycle ride, on linking community struggle and this weekend’s Rossport Solidarity gathering;
⢠Eliza, a Free Gaza organiser, on the Free Gaza movement;
⢠the TAA – a Temporary Autonomous Art DIY exhibition celebrating creativity in all it’s expressions this weekend in London;

…and on the decks – the Hitsuji Tekinniku Display Team, scratchin’ and spinnin’ live…not to be missed! Make sure to check out our next show on June 18th…

Check it,