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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island 17 Dec 2010

Dec 21, 2010

- Michael Albert on Participatory Economics

– Wayne from Green & Black Cross on mutual aid for the anti-cuts movement

– An update from the end of the controversial Ratcliffe trial

– Our Hot Topic: Benefit cuts

– A brief discussion on Wikileaks with GDM

– Indy journo hacks come in to talk about the latest in...

Dec 4, 2010

- Sali from anti-airport group ZAD talks to us about resisting airport expansion in Nantes

– Words about Buy Nothing Day in London

– The Santa Belles come in to talk to us about their anti-christmas carol thingy

– An analysis of Reclaim the Night with noises from November’s big night out

– Our HOT TOPIC: Snow,...


Nov 6, 2010

November 5th

Holy crap. This is gonna be a firey hot, jam packed show! Here’s what you can look forward to:

⢠the totally awesome printer’s co-operative, Footprint, on their 10th birthday festivities and zine fair
⢠updates from the streets of Barcelona (on-going organising after the Sept 29 general strike...

Dissident Island Radio 15th October 2010

Oct 15, 2010

On episode 68 of dissident island we had:

– More tracks from Freddy Frog’s new album

– Part 1 of ‘You’re Next’, a history of the rave scene

– Memories and thoughts about the recent General strike in Spain from Maqui

– Words from participants in mobilisations in Birmingham and Brighton

– DJ Wrongspeed...

Dissident Island Radio October 1st 2010

Oct 14, 2010

- ‘Getting old’ and what it means in a radical political context

– Paul Brandon from the Right to Work campaign

– Info on the upcoming Crude Awakening week of action

– HOT TOPIC: the downfall of the Labour Party

– New tracks from Freddy Frog

– Vacuum Cleaner bringing disco fever to the decks