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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio 18 September 2010

Sep 18, 2010

For this show the dissidents scoured the world selecting the finest information to put inside your head (through your ears)

– we talked to an Ad Hoc Properties resident about his experiences living in an ‘anti-squat’ and how seeing Leegstand Zonder Zorgen has affected his outlook

– all the way from ‘down under’ we had a member of the City is Ours group in Melbourne about squatting and housing rights

– our ‘How to’ guide returned with a lesson on how to crack wireless networks

– we had an interview with Roy about the upcoming No Borders Camp in Brussels

– finally, we had a discussion about our ‘Hot Topic’ for this show, the pope

– to end the evening on a high we had Crank come in for some techno/dubstep on the decks