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Dissident Island Radio

Jan 16, 2016

Dissident Island Radio is back with episode 167, the first show of 2016, featuring:

– Members of Focus E15 Mothers and You Should See The Other Guy talking about their upcoming documentary theatre production “Land of the Three Towers” (00:02:26)

– An account from an activist recently stopped under terrorism legislation at Stansted airport (00:23:47)

– LDMG’s Andy discussing court expenses and criminal behaviour orders (00:30:26)

– A comrade from the Frack Free Dee – Coalition with updates on the eviction of the Upton protest camp and what happens next (00:54:45)

– An article dealing with retrospective views on the politics of dubstep (01:05:48)

– Prisoner info and announcements for upcoming and ongoing fun & games (01:23:14)

– Tunes aplenty from DJ Substance B (01:28:23)

– Tracks “Mexico” from Djevara and “Donde empieza” from Portavoz ft SubVerso