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Dissident Island Radio

Nov 10, 2015

Episode 163 features an ear splitting mix of interviews, info, and music including:

– Organisers from the Antiuniversity Now! festival talking about what’s in store later this month (00:02:26)

– Words of legal wisdom from the LDMG’s Andy and Chris from the Green & Black Cross, this month focussing on police dispersal powers and getting your stuff back off the cops (00:12:42)

– Anna & Evi from Transcapes discussing a new project on the migration crisis and European Identity, focussing specifically on newly arrived migrants in Greece (00:30:32)

– The last of our think-tank briefings, finishing off with Iain Duncan Smith’s plaything, the Centre for Social Justice (01:04:40)

– The one and only Megabitch on the wheels of steel! (01:15:04)