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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 5, 2016

Episode 177 saw Dissident Island Radio turn 9 years old! To mark the occasion we put together a special birthday extravaganza featuring:


– An interview without he team behind Faiphone, the first ‘ethically sourced’ mobile phone on the mass market (00:05:56 – 00:20:31)


– An extra special post Brexit discussion focussing on the next steps for UK social movements and featuring guess from the Green & Black Cross, UNITE Hotel Workers branch, Anti-Raid Network, and Take Back the City (00:22:06 – 01:18:53)


– Announcements about upcoming opportunities for empowerment (01:18:53 – 01:22:40)


– DJ Oliotronix spinning those silicone discs! (01:22:40 – 02:18:16)