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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 5, 2021

- Auntie Social gives us food for thought on the ongoing struggle for prison abolition and prisoner solidarity.

- Channel Rescue discuss the state response to migrant crossings of the English Channel, how they're challenging toxic rhetoric on migration and the enactment of increasingly draconian immigration policies. Donate to their CrowdJustice and read about them taking Priti Patel to Court.

- ACAB Andy on the progress of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, court updates and an obituary from the legal support world.

- Tracks from HUNT SABS BENEFIT VOL 2 by On the Run Wreck Chords with all profits from sales donated to Norwich, Mendip hunt sab groups & Hounds Off.

- DJ Casm (Napalm Sounds) & MC Agman Gora bring it with their first ever live musical collaboration featuring some wicked vinyl drum'n'bass.

 00:00:00 intro
 00:01:35 Auntie Social
 00:12:45 track - Nature Reserve - Animal Alien
 00:15:08 Channel Rescue
 00:32:00 track - Chris Butler - Sharks against surfers
 00:34:30 ACAB Andy
 00:49:19 track - Liabilities Ad - Apathy
 00:51:32 Jingle from Kiteline from Channel Zero Network
 00:52:14 announcement for benefit gig
 00:55:58 DJ Casm & MC Agman Gora