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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 28, 2022

- We caught up with Cooperation Town 2.5 years after the project started to talk about their expansion since then, the challenges and lessons learnt, and the importance of connecting with neighbours to local organising that creates meaningful solutions to the cost of living crisis that don't rely on problematic relationships and structures of charity.

- Words from one of the organisers of the London Anarchist Bookfair about how the organising group has fared these past three years, the challenges of navigating the internal politics of the scene while trying to broaden the appeal of anarchism and what's in store at this year's event.

- We'll hear from ACAB Andy with his usual bag of tips tricks and updates from the underworld to help you stay away from that nasty thin blue line.

- Nearly 10 years on Fuel Poverty Action are still campaigning, now facing into a winter that is predicted to be worse than many before. We talked to them about how climate choas is linked to fuel poverty, their campaign to provide energy for all and how it links in to other campaigns on taking action ahead of this winter when fuel prices are set to quadruple across the UK


- Plus tunes from War on Women / Turnstiles / Beach Angel