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Dissident Island Radio

Sep 6, 2023

Dissident Island Radio episode 267 features:

- Save Nour / Fight the Tower: a group of Brixtonians and friends who came together to oppose the eviction of Nour Cash and Carry - and won!

We hear the riveting and entertaining story of their hard won and well-deserved success bringing down Taylor McWilliams bid to build a giant tower in the middle of thriving Brixton, and what the future holds for the campaign. 

- ACAB Andy with legal updates from the 3 outstanding Bristol Kill the Bill protests, info for protesters planning to Stop the DSEI arms fair and some opining on the new Lady Chief Justice Carr (spoiler: the future holds some frightening and significant u-turns on judgments against protesters!)

- To end, Last boss of Bad Septa fame plays us some Jungle, Break core and Grime.