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Dissident Island Radio

Apr 10, 2009

Part one of our G20 coverage. During the course of the day we went out and recorded on the streets as well as interviewing people in the studio and over the phone. The show starts with a little montage from the afternoon featuring voices and sounds from the Camp in The City as well as happenings at Bank.

We than had the Whitechapel Anarchist Group (the notorious W.A.G.) in the studio explaining how they saw the day’s protests. Next we had coverage of the child space for activist kids, the G20 Critical Mass, and a little piece on trying to get some sort of information or comment from the police.

Our last 2 bits were an interview with our friend Kirsten about the nature of the ‘Black Horse’ march, followed by John’s montage from later in the evening when things had begun to take a nasty turn and police dogs were on the loose. Delsa popped in after this to spin some sweet reggae and dubstep tunes, not to be missed.