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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 20, 2012

On tonight’s show, we cast a critical eye over the 2012 Olympic games, which are set to open in East London in a week’s time. Adam and Tim spoke to a number of people involved in campaigns surrounding the Olympics and discovered some of the hidden consequences of the games. First up, we have an interview with Julian Cheyne, former resident of the Clays Lane estate in Newham, which was demolished in 2007 to make way for the Olympic athletes village. We also spoke to two activitsts, Caroline and Kev, who are part of the save Leyton Marsh Campaign, a grassroots campaign to prevent the destruction of a community open space to build a temporary basketball training facility. We also have some historical background on repressive tactics used at past Olympic games and injunctions and exclusion orders that are being used today from Brian Richardson, a barrister based in East London who is also the author of Tell it like it is: how our schools fail black children. We also spoke to several people who have been doing research into the corporations sponsoring the games.
These include Richard Solly from the London Mining Network talking about the Greenwash Gold Campaign; Anna McMullan from the Play Fair campaign; and Tim Hunt talking about the great Olympic Tax Swindle. Also including tracks from Red Snapper, Radikal Guru feat Cian Finn, Dub Trio and Kidkanevil.
And to finish things off we have a set from Little Shit and Squeaky Grinder