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Dissident Island Radio

Nov 9, 2019

- Author Dan Sonabend in conversation with 12 Rules For What’s Adam discussing his new book ‘We Fight Fascists’ the story of the militant anti-fascist organisation founded by Jewish ex-servicemen after WWII known as The 43 Group (00:01:18 – 00:18:50)
– Ada and Sachin from the autonomous transfeminist community care organisation Queercare telling us about their broad range of activities from protest first aid to healthcare advocacy and community support as well as aspirations for a self organised comprehensive healthcare system (00:22:17 – 00:49:57)
– Our contribution to November’s Bad News digest of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios from around the world including bulletins from Extinction Rebellion’s “Autumn Rebellion”, UVW strikes and walkouts and reports from Kurdish solidarity demonstrations (00:53:57 – 01:02:33)
ACAB Andy telling us about the charges brought against anti arms trade activists ‘the ELBIT 7’ and the conviction of Aidan James for travelling to fight against ISIS in Rojava (01:03:00 – 01:14:34)
– Announcements for fun and feisty activities in the month ahead (01:16:32 – 01:20:43)
– DJ Steene on the wheels of steel pumping out happy beats (01:20:43 – 02:41:12)



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