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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 4, 2020

Dissident Island Radio is 13 years old! In this 248th episode we send you home from the birthday party with a special bag of treats including:


Gendered Intelligence discuss their campaign to achieve positive change for trans people in the age of right-wing culture wars (00:05:02-00:30:22)


– Chat about the Anarchist Black Cross International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners happening 23-30 August 2020 (00:34:52-00:47:41)


– ACAB Andy on fireworks, Black Lives Matter updates, conditional cautions, ‘international police cooperation’ and why Activist Court Aide Brigade advice won’t work in Hong Kong any more  (00:51:45-01:00:38)


– Thoughts from members of Rent Strike London and the London Renters Union after several months of organising a city Rent Strike (which forms part of a Global Rent Strike) (01:04:19-01:18:48)


– Pinda with a round-up of UK-related ‘B(A)D News‘ (Dissident Island’s contribution to the a-radio network‘s monthly international news digest) (01:18:48-01:23:45)


Plus – tracks by Killdren from their album ‘Dismembers of Parliament’ as well as a Killdren music set (01:26:12-02:37:59) to end!


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