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Dissident Island Radio

Jan 12, 2020

Episode 242 has in store:

– A discussion of proposals targeting gypsies and travellers to make laws around trespass and ‘unauthorised encampments’ more draconian with Emma from Friends, Families and Travellers. You can find the government consultation HERE (00:01:38 – 00:19:10)


ACAB Andy with a rundown of arrests over the festive period, updates on upcoming antifascist trials, a few notes on self defence and some Star Wars spoilers (00:22:44 – 00:33:26)


– Reflections on imperialism and the cycle of social uprising in light of recent events in and around Iran from a translator for the Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan (00:37:15 – 00:53:20)


– Bad News, our monthly bulletin of happenings from around the UK which forms our contribution to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network’s international digest. (00:57:53 – 01:08:16)


– Opportunities to get out on the streets in the coming weeks in our announcements section (01:08:17 – 01:13:30)


– Braincell on the wheels of steel spinning rare and unusual r’n’b, dub, ska and anarcho-punk records (01:13:22 – 02:45:15)


Plus tunes from the new FSS album MMXX


Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: