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Dissident Island Radio

Mar 3, 2012

On this show before the party Dissident Island came at you from
every angle, wild and whacky, energetic and up-for-it – featuring a plethora of
politics to make you ponder and tunes that’ll have you pumpin’ up the volume to
eleven and a half. Look forward to hearing…

– the latest news from the ZAD, an autonomous zone airport expansion protest
and experiment in sustainable living located in France
– folks from Kick Nuclear on next weekend’s big anti-nuclear action at Hinkley
Point and the latest on nuclear power expansion in the UK
– audio from the recent “Move your Money” UK Uncut action and campaign
– words on the new Alliance of Radical Booksellers
– tracks from DJs playing at next weekend’s Dissident Dinosaur and
– Deadlybuzz on the wheels of steel…

And as a very special treat you can also tune in while entrust our unruly manes
in the hands of the Hair Cut Before the Party crew who came in for a
chat with scissors, combs, and those plastic waterproof apron thingies.

How could you possibly miss it?

See you all at the party…