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Dissident Island Radio

Sep 11, 2009

Dissident Island Radio, the London-based anarchist, activist radio crew,
presents Climate Camp Radio 2009 – a sampling of the radio shows produced
onsite and broadcast live (via FM and streamed online) from this year’s
Camp for Climate Action UK.

This ‘digest’ show features a variety of audio from the week, including:

– a discussion on radical messages, ‘liberal posturing’ and the ‘police
incident’ from day 1 of camp, between members of the WAG (Whitechapel
Anarchist Group) and Martin, from Activist Trauma Support;
– Richard, from the camp media team, with a report back on all the actions
that took place on the last day of camp;
– Ollie Wilkins on the significance of Blackheath, why we squatted it,
some history of land struggles and the commons;
– a bit of deeply conceited satirical spoken word from Pete the Temp;
– AND MUSIC, recorded from the fantastic Inner Terrestrials gig at camp,
and live, acoustic tunes from Theo Bard and Beth Stratford…

Want to listen to more? Check out the rest of the camp radio shows –
they’re all available for download at -or-
…so check it out!

And stay tuned…