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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 14, 2020

Dissident Island episode 249 brings forth a mix of troublemakers and troubadours in the form of:


– The ADCU’s James talking about various legal challenges to Uber’s ‘flexible labour model’ and the struggle for collective power in the gig economy. (Support the Crowd Justice campaign here)


ACAB Andy telling us about wins and setbacks in the UK courts over the past month


Boycott Workfare discussing their plans for challenging narratives around welfare and giving some tips for navigating Universal Credit for the newly unemployed


– Dissident Island’s contribution to B(A)D News, the monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios from around the world


– Our old friend Delsa with a special guest mix to round off the show


Sprinkled throughout are tracks from Awate, MC Sole and Drowning Dog & Malatesta


Download the full show below

or download the dj set separately here: