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Dissident Island Radio

Apr 5, 2020


Dissident Isolation’s episode 245 delivers to your door:


DIY Kodak Collective in Brighton discuss their work to build self-organised solutions for sheltering NFA people in the face of state-facilitated violence (00:02:30 – 00:17:15)


– GDM, medical doctor, researcher and epidemiologist, opines the UK government’s shambolic pandemic action and concerns over surveillance, privacy and data, as well as silver-linings to the crisis like open science, collaboration and solidarity action (00:19:10 – 00:52:30)


ACAB Andy gives us the legal lowdown in these uncertain times, explaining the Coronavirus Act, the impact that lockdown is having on courts and the implications for squatters (00:55:00 – 01:06:15)


– Kevin from Netpol (Network for Police Monitoring) on alarming application of new police powers, prison solidarity campaigns and how to advocate against criminalisation in the age of covid-19 (01:08:55 – 01:24:40)


– Chickpea serves up this month’s contribution to the A-Radio Network’s Bad(ass) News (01:28:25 – 01:39:15)


– DJ Tifta bangs out some viral drum’n’bass (01:40:50 – 02:25:30)


And medicinal music is administered throughout from:
– Psychs with Coronavirus UK Drill
– MV Bill with Quarentena
– Bobi Wine & Nubian Li with Corona Virus Alert
– Y en a marre with Fagaru Ci Coronavirus


Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: