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Dissident Island Radio

Oct 8, 2016

180Dissident Island Radio presents episode 180 featuring:


– Belarus Free Theatre – the only theatre in Europe banned by its government on political grounds – discussing their production of “Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion”, alongside a member of Antiuniversity Now who are organising a series of after-show workshops address the issues raised by it (00:01:28 – 00:23:15)


–  Dr. Tom Cawkwell discusses his book investigating how the Afghan war was sold to the British public and how Britain’s transnational foreign and defence policy impacted the UK’s strategy in Afghanistan (00:28:37 – 00:52:42)


– LDMG’s Andy discussing the ongoing East Street trial (00:58:06 – 01:08:59)


– DJs Deadly Buzz and Squeaky Grinder on the wheels of steel (01:12:06 – 02:14:06)


Plus the usual nonsense and tunes from Cheap Jazz, and Strobes.