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Dissident Island Radio

Apr 20, 2017

Dissident Island Radio episode 190 bringing you a lovely bag of treats from:
Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair with a call-out and update on activities in the city (00:01:45-00:10:15)
Hot On The Wire live-streamed counter-cultural community tv (00:10:15-00:16:00)
LDMG‘s Andy with tutelage on police bail changes and new sentencing guidelines (00:19:25-00:26:50)
– Excerpts from a No Borders info-talk on post-jungle Calais (00:26:50-00:38:15)
– Announcements for the coming fortnight (00:42:55-00:46:35)
– Maxigas pondering the mutation of Hacklabs (00:46:35-01:11:45)
DJ Warlock time-travelling back from episode 100 to play us out (01:13:30-02:02:35)