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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 6, 2012

One hundred and seven whole episodes of Dissident Island Radio. Along with sh*tloads of other stuff too. Yea…We impress ourselves sometimes. (Or maybe the feeling is more accurately described as general confusion and bewilderment…anyway…)

On the show tonight – 6 July 2012 – we’ve got a whole slew of very fantastic guests and interviews lined up:

-Artist Karen Barnes will tell us about her work and upcoming exhibition in Deptford, ‘E.R my arse’.

-Some folks from the newly formed London branch of the Plan C network to discuss its political vision and trajectory, and to take a constructively critical look at current radical left collective action trends in the UK.

-Activist, academic and yoga teacher Jamie Heckert discussing anarchism and sexuality.

-Director Greg Hall and the Broke But Making Films team talking about completely independent cinema, crowd funding, and their upcoming works.

-music and banter and bollocks and birthday cakes and cans ‘o’ beer…

-and the very excellent Dr Colossus to play us out with some bangin choons.

Good stuff.