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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 8, 2014

On tonight’s episode of Dissident Island Radio we have for you:

-A report on the killing of Remi Freisse, a 21 year old environmental activist
killed by Police grenade
in France,

-A music mash-up featuring audio from some independent journalism and
individual recordings of the Furgusson Riots

-An interview with the South London Kobane Solidarity Group

-Something more calming in the form of some Yoga

PLUS, its a doubly-momentous occasion for us… Firstly its out 150th
And secondly, one of our core dissidents is leaving us for another country, so
we will be very sad

But… happy to hear his farewell DJ set at 10pm…. So get your
listening ears on for the legendary Squeaky Grinder, spinning some of
the most excellent beats….. you will be muchly missed dude.