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Dissident Island Radio

Feb 5, 2011

Dissident Island Radio – EPISODE 75 – 4 February 2011:

* Collective for better Collectives talking about their group and upcoming events
* Live in the studio – a reflection on the upcoming Space for Change with Camp for Climate Action UK
* A discussion with Corporate Watch on “non-lethal” weapons – and how Israel is testing them in Palestine
* An audio montage – snippets of a conversation – from the recent London Anti-cuts demonstration
* More from the Free Radio veterans in Amsterdam
* the usual banter, bullsh*t and a sissling-HOT TOPIC: Egypt!

We’ll have tunes – including a track from Ronin’s new EP. And as if that isn’t enough – to end we’ll hear a whole hour of local and political punk, ska and punk-reggae from Joe Ryan Leah – yea!!

Check it,