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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 28, 2018

Dissident “Love” Island episode 217 was a regular feast of sun sea and sedition with shrimps on the barbie including:
- A chat with people involved in organising the street level antifascist response to the #FreeTommmy demos (00:01:14 – 00:09:25)
- News from Legal Andy of the launch of new court support group ACAB as well as the restart of London ABC (00:12:30 – 00:21:15)
- An introduction to anarchist geography theory with Canadian academic Simon Springer (00:25:50 – 00:39:25)
- A catch up with folks from the Zone à Défendre de Notre Dame des Landes Radio Klaxon project courtesy of The Final Straw Radio (00:43:10 – 00:51:45)
- Announcements of upcoming events and gatherings alongside a shoutout for prisoner solidarity (00:52:27 – 01:02:24)
- Healthy servings of ye olde drum & bass from Delsa (01:02:25 – 02:29:15)
Download the full show here, or find separate downloads for the show and DJ set at the episode’s archive page.