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Dissident Island Radio

Mar 5, 2015

Dissident Island Radio hosted yet another fine night of acoustic music at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) on February 20th 2015. This night was a special one with contributions from Obadiah Playfair, Cosmo, and Captain Hotknives.

The track on this page is our mix of the evening, for the full track listing click here.

Tracks in this mix:

1. Obadiah Playfair – Stage of Sand
2. Obadiah Playfair – Running Along the Inside
3. Obadiah Playfair – Free

4. Cosmo – Love Me I’m a Liberal
5. Cosmo – I Wish There Was No Prisons
6. Cosmo – Oh! To Be In England (Now The EDL’s In Town)
7. Cosmo – Strike! Occupy! Resist!
8. Cosmo – Oi Mush

9. Captain Hotknives – I’m in an Anarchist Squat Punk Band
10. Captain Hotknives – I’ll Come Round and Give You a Pound
11. Captain Hotknives – Antigravity Cats
12. Captain Hotknives – Mushrooms
13. Captain Hotknives – Shabby Muffin
14. Captain Hotknives – Riff for Paco
15. Captain Hotknives – Bob The Amazing Sheepdog
16. Captain Hotknives – I Hate Babies

Big thanks to Guy from Acoustic Insurgency for all the help on the night!