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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio - 20 April 2012 - episode 102

Apr 20, 2012

On episode 101, this banging show had the second part of an interview from Corportate Watch about the privatization of the NHS, as well as a piece about the politics and leanings in sport in Europe. That’ll be our first foray into the world of sport, so be sure to listen.
Weâve got the low down on the Bread and Roses Film Festival too which is commemorating the 1912 Lawrence textile strikes in the US, which is deadly. Fresh from shopping and Fortnums, we have one of the F&M protesters coming to talk to us about their recent trial and aquital, which is very interesting indeed.
To keep us entertained we are delighted to have Sarah Bear back on the show, as well as Kate Nitrate, hitting us up with some live music. And to keep things on edge weâve got Kovert with a set of techno.
So tune in, or lose out.