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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 5, 2017

Dissident Island Radio episode 194 features:

– Sam tenten discussing high art on the down low (00:01:24-00:17:26)

– Jim from London Antifa on the state of UK fascism and the antifascist fight (00:21:19-00:31:58)

LDMG Andy on the legal down low of criminal damage & Holloway Prison occupation update (00:33:00-00:48:23)

– an interview on Rozbrat, Poznan’s 16 year old squatted social centre (00:53:15-01:09:20)

– the usual announcements section (01:10:04-01:15:01)

– ‘Fuck Butane’ (01:19:16-01:27:42)

– Sam tenten serenading us into the night with taxi music from Mexico! (01:27:44-02:12:22)

The show features tracks: ‘would I’ by fed by machines, ‘horripilation’ by do make say think and ‘rules’ by nebulo