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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio - 18 November 2011 - episode 93

Nov 19, 2011

On this hamper packed show we’ve got all sorts of goodies.

For a healthy starter we’ve got
Paul from Right to Work in to talk to us about
what’s inside the shiney wrapper for November 30th
in London and around the UK.

If that doesn’t fill you up we’ve got some cats comin’
in, fresh from the Fortnum and Mason trial, which finished yesterday.

As an extra treat for being so good we’ll also have a
tasty piece of audio from the pedaller’s arms in Leeds.

To fill you up even more we have the second part of
our look at squatting in the Netherlands, which’ll be full of squaty

There will, of course, be lots of little gems along the way, and to
top it all off we’ve got a D*I regular, DJ Delsa on the decks servin’
up bass orientated beats. Lovin’ it, D*I