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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 30, 2014

Listen to the sets recorded at the July 2014 London Action Resource Centre acoustic night – a regular fund-raiser with proceeds going to LARC operating costs happening every 3rd Friday from 7pm onwards.

This month’s amazing line-up and track listings:

Track Listings:

Act 1 – Minnie Birch:
– track listing TBC-

Act 2 – Young Causeway:
1. Ruin on Hill
2. Bright Wings
3. These Days
4. La Fiesta des San Joaquin
5. Irish Jig (no title)
6. Gold and Blue

Act 3 – Pig With The Face Of A Boy:
1. Busking
2. Influenza
3. Hitler’s Favourite Song (Please Don’t Tread on my Cheeseburger)
4. One Night on Westminster Bridge
5. The Midwife
6. Pie
7. Churchill’s Favourite Song (Whoops Me Gravy)
8. Mash
9. Pi
10. Middle
11. The Tale of Young Johnny
12. Filler Material
13. The Complete History of the Soviet Union Through the Eyes of a Humble Worker, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris

Act 4 – Belligerence:
– Track listing TBC-