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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 20, 2017

Dissident Island Radio episode 198 offers to the deities of dissent:


– Plan C in discussing their upcoming Fast Forward festival (00:02:19 – 00:17:30)


– An update from the Common House, a collectively rented and run ‘experiment in building a commons’, highlighting their emergency fundraiser to keep their doors open (00:19:09 – 00:31:06)


– Words from a member of London based campaign group The London Latinxs about the proposed demolition of the Latin village market in Seven Sisters, Haringey (00:35:01 – 00:47:55)


– The LDMG’s Andy with a Brucie Bonus featuring a Generation Game of laws in the 70’s and Play Your Cards Wright on cop sentencing. Also talking about the Lori Love extradition case (00:49:16 – 01:10:12)


– DJ BPM ‘pon the wheels of steel with a special set recorded at Dissident Decadence party (01:17:09 – 02:02:22)