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Dissident Island Radio

Sep 5, 2017

Dissident Island Radio episode 199 presents an assortment of audio treats:

– Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) on the dirty, corrupt practices of UK military trading and how they want to stop the London DSEI arms fair (part one: 00:01:25-00:13:32 & part two: 00:35:35-00:47:50)

– Legal Defence & Monitoring’s (LDMG) Andy on treason, terrorist offences and some advice on how (not) to show solidarity at the DSEI arms fair actions (00:17:20-00:31:43)

– some B(A)D news from our comrades in Athens, Greece, at 98FM – radio zone of subversive expression (00:48:19-00:55:09)

– Democracy Now! on the shambles of Red Cross efforts to help Texas residents effected by Hurricane Harvey and how community organised grassroots aid once again saves the day (00:55:09-01:05:38)

…also tracks from Awate and Barbarella’s Bang Bang and live MC goodness from Dirty Wurlds and friends (01:10:07-01:36:05)

(credit latuff for the image: