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Dissident Island Radio

May 10, 2016

Dissident Island Radio episode 174! Rabbits from hats will include:
Love Sex, Hate Sexism on balancing consent and accountability with healthy sex positive attitudes (00:01:00 – 00:19:30)
LDMG‘s Andy & GBC‘s Ayla live in the studio with a brief history of British terror law (00:22:50 – 00:34:45)
– Announcements of upcoming and ongoing activities to warm yer cockles (00:39:58 – 00:43:35)
– Kevin from Netpol and teacher “Mr G” talk to us about the government’s Prevent “counter-terrorism” strategy (00:43:35 – 01:00:45)
– DJ Leaper on the wheels of steel banging out the rare auld tunes! (01:01:16 – 01:55:30)