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Dissident Island Radio

Jan 10, 2017

Dissident Island Radio back on it in 2017 with episode 185, ingredients include:

– A member of the Campaign to Develop Besson Street for local housing needs discussing the Borough of Lewisham’s development scheme and its exclusionary use of public land (00:01:05 – 00:09:49)

– Coverage of the upcoming weeks of action against charter flights and deportations featuring voices of organisers and deportees (00:13:25 – 00:41:09)

– The LDMG’s Andy with another salvo of legal cunning, this time looking at laws around drunkenness and the use of smoke flares (00:45:44 – 00:52:45)

– Announcements for mischief to get your year off to the best possible start (00:52:45 – 00:55:40)

– A surprise set from the Islands’s very own [-r] (00:55:40 – 01:25:14)