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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 6, 2015

For our 165th show we have in store:

– A rundown of recent and upcoming court action from the LDMG’s Andy (00:01:18)

– The long awaited arrival of our Dissident-i-Rant section on Nitrous Oxide (00:09:54)

– Guy Smallman from Reel News live in the studio to discuss “Stateless on Lesvos” their upcoming film about migrant solidarity (00:20:46)

– Zaher Baher from the Kurdistan Anarchist Forum with thoughts on the politics of autonomous self rule in Rojava (00:39:49)

– The return of our “prisoner of the Month” segment, this time Silan Ozcelik (01:08:19)

– More announcements than you can shake a stick at (01:13:27)

– A quality braindance/jungle set from DJ Allsalad (01:24:58)