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Dissident Island Radio

Nov 6, 2018

On Dissident Island Radio episode 224 we hear the following arrangement of human noises:

– A report from Tidemill Garden occupiers on their recent state sponsored eviction at the hands of police and bailiffs (00:04:30 – 00:18:40)

– ACAB Andy freshening up our knowledge on arrestable offences alongside updates on arrests from October’s demonstration against the DFLA, appeals against acquittals of anti-DSEI activists and the ongoing Stanstead 15 trial (00:21:07 – 00:35:10)

Extinction Rebellion discussing their recent declaration of rebellion and plans for mass civil disobedience against climate change and ecocide (00:37:58 – 00:53:04)

– A recap of October’s Not the Anarchist Bookfair and announcements of good shit on in the month ahead (00:54:57 – 01:02:52)

– Sprinkled throughout we have tunes from Sewer Trench, Binge Drinker, Do One and an exclusive preview from Poisonous Cxnt’s new album

– Plus Everyday Junglist on the wheels of steel (01:02:52 – 02:22:01)


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