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Dissident Island Radio

Nov 19, 2021

- Dalia gives us the lowdown on the mood of defiance and resolve in Poland following the establishment of so-called "LGBT-free zones" (00:01:25 - 00:13:00)

- Monika from Polish activist group Lambda Szczecin joins us to tell us about the work they've been doing to support LGBTQ folk as well as helping change hearts and minds (00:15:35 - 00:36:16)

- ACAB Andy with updates on trials related to the Kill The Bill protests in Bristol and London amongst other things (00:40:05 - 00:58:45)

- Organisers of this summer's Scottish Climate Camp talking about how the camp went and moves towards realising a just transition in communities reliant on resource extraction (01:02:13 - 01:25:11)

Plus tunes from Limp Wrist, Grace Petrie and ERDA