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Dissident Island Radio

Indymedia Radio at COP15 - 16 December 2009 Reclaim Power live broadcast edited

Feb 8, 2010

During the days of action around the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference which took place in Denmark – most commonly referred to as the COP15 – a group of radio enthusiasts hailing from around the globe came together to produce daily radio shows in four different languages.

Shows focused on the climate and social justice issues inspiring the multitude of protest activity that was taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On the 16 December 2009 – the Reclaim Power day of action – Indymedia Radio broadcast live and direct from 8am until 4pm to bring listeners live interviews from inside and outside of the Bella Centre (a focal point of the protest activity on the day, which happened to be the location of the state-led negotiations), as well as reports from the streets of Copenhagen, regular updates from the Indymedia action timeline and speeches, updates and analysis from the People’s Assembly and other protests blocs. All this live audio was interspersed with music and audio from previous Indymedia COP15 Radio broadcasts…

This 8 hour long live broadcast has been edited down into this much more digestible 3.5 hour long piece of audio – and includes all the live segments that were broadcast on the day.

If you make it through the entire 3.5 hours, you’ll notice that the Indymedia Radio hosts break in once more after finishing the broadcast, at about 7pm on the day, in order to make a special telephone call to a comrade who ended up one of the inhumane Danish jail-cages along with many other activists…so listen out for this bit of exclusive audio!

For more detailed information on the protest activities that happened during the COP15, check out the Danish Indymedia website, which features a wealth of information and articles in English as well as pictures, videos and more:

Many thanks to terminal 21, radio corax, dissident island radio and the indymedia kolective and everyone who came together to make Indymedia Radio at the COP15 happen. Also many thanks to all the people who participated and who took to the streets to Reclaim Power.

So have a listen – it’s almost as good as being on the streets yourself…