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Dissident Island Radio

May 6, 2022

Get cosy and settle in to the latest edition of Dissident Island Radio! Episode 261 features:

- Jake from London Renters Union retrospecting on what happened since and as a result of the Rent Strike of May 2020.

- Meli, a member of the Glasgow Student Housing Coop that's affiliated with Student Co-op Homes on the process, challenges and inspirations of organising student housing cooperatives.

- Clarrie Pope, co-author of recently published graphic novel "Welcome Home", discussing her book, squatting, cultures of resistance and more.

- ACAB Andy updates us on the LARC cop raid (and being cross with Extinction Rebellion), #killthebill Bristol trials, bicycletripping-up-woman case, Brendan the Baliff Basher case, the attorney general review of the Colston Statue trial and key points we can take away from the recently passed Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act.

- Music from Wormholes Between

- DJ set from Lastboss from Bad Sekta featuring Jungle, Breakcore and Grime.



00:02:38 Jake from London Renters Union
00:25:33 Clarrie Pope, author of "Welcome Home"
00:53:31 Meli from Glasgow Student Housing Coop
01:16:51 ACAB Andy legal update
01:26:40 DJ Lastboss

Links to material cited in the show:

- Jake's article about the pandemic rent strike.

- Buy "Welcome Home" direct from Minor Compositions for discounted price of £12 + P&P here or at this place or try your local infoshop (like 56a Infoshop) or a radical bookseller near you.

- Clarrie will be at MayDay Rooms on 24 June and 56a on 26 June

- Listen to the Minor Compositions Podcast with Clarrie Pope and Alan Moore (but after you read the book!)