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Dissident Island Radio

Oct 12, 2010

While some of the crew were up visiting the fine people from Redbricks Radio we met up with some friendly Mancunians and did a show…

⢠We spoke with our hosts for the evening, Mule Magazine, about what they’ve been getting up to lately as well as issues surrounding alternative media in general

⢠Veg, from the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair, came in to give us a rundown on how this year’s event went

⢠There were words of enlightenment from Aidan, part of the Manchester radical history group

⢠Nes came in to talk to us about all that’s happening with I Bike MCR

⢠Finishing us off with some tunes from around the world we had our old friend Drunkin Dunkin spinning some tunes..

All this as well as the usual bollocks, Manchester banter, music, news and lots of chat about what’s been happening on the streets…